Group Lunch Offerings


Taco Bar

handmade corn tortillas with assorted toppings.
we provide 2.5 tacos per guest, unless otherwise specified.

$10/guest for two hot toppings; $12 for three.

choose from:

+ pulled pork
+ seasoned ground beef
+ roasted mushrooms or seasonal veggie

cold toppings may include:


roasted jalapeno relish
Veronica’s salsa
Kraut-Chi or cortido


Veggie Curry with Roasted Chicken & Rice

Green vegetable curry served with
roasted chicken,
jasmine rice,
chopped cilantro,
and Blue Bus Kraut-Chi


Polenta Plate

Creamy parmesan polenta served with
pulled pork,
roasted mushrooms or seasonal veggies,
and our Huck salad.


Assorted Sandwiches

A mix of crispy pork,
falafel burger,
and appleton bacon sandwiches.



Additional Options

Shared green salad with Huck vinaigrette


Crispy fried potatoes with aioli*


Very chocolatey chip cookies